Ben Arblaster

System Administrator and packet pusher at Brightbox (AS51059). Interested in GNU/Linux, network engineering, security, virtualisation, config management, hardware hacking/microcontrollers, music, motorcycles, beer, cats.

Contact Me

You can send me an email to, I prefer plain text email. Please encrypt anything you wouldn’t be happy sharing. My PGP key ID is E54AC47A and the fingerprint is 7A25 B9CB D644 A3F5 5615 B193 A545 5B42 E54A C47A.

You can contact me via Jabber/XMPP at (OTR fingerprint 9AB4973E EFBBFFC3 06A41E17 D6A82F1C 6027AF5F) or (OTR fingerprint BE7840F3 06D4F37D F18C945F 33A99318 BB8C674E).

I’m also andatche on the Freenode, Quakenet, fofnet and Terahertz irc networks.

You can also find me on Twitter, Github, RubyGems, Facebook, Flickr,, Launchpad, YouTube, Reddit

Some stuff I’m interested in

This site…

…is powered by Nanoc, a simple static site generator. Content is written in Markdown and processed using the kramdown filter, while the layouts are written in erb. Compilation and deployment is handled by a simple set of rake tasks and Capistrano. Foundations for the layout, styling and typography are provided by Twitter’s Bootstrap CSS library and jQuery. Comments are powered by Disqus. I use git for version control of the whole thing and the code is on Github.

On the server-side, it’s NGINX running on Ubuntu GNU/Linux hosted on the Brightbox Cloud. The host is dual-stacked and available via IPv4 and IPv6, hurrah! X.509 certificates for TLS are provided by Let’s Encrypt.

All generated markup is valid HTML5.

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