I’ve started running a Minecraft server for some family & friends. Details below…

Hostname: minecraft.andatche.com
IPv6: 2a02:1348:14d:6c81:24:19ff:fea1:b206
Port: 25565
Map: http://minecraft.andatche.com


In a bid to prevent vandalism and abuse, players must be whitelisted to gain access to the server. If you’d like whitelisting please take a quick look at the rules and email ben@andatche.com with your Minecraft username. The current whitelist is available here.


A “Google Maps” style overview of the current world is available here. The map is generated using pigmap with B=16, T=1 and Z=6 using the standard texture pack and is re-generated every 30 mins. Currently, with 4 threads it takes about 60 seconds to completely render the world.

Server Config

  • Monsters are on
  • Animals are on
  • PvP is on
  • Nether is on
  • World backups are every 4 hours

The server currently has 4GB of RAM and 8 CPU cores, so it should have enough grunt for a while – the world is only ~10MB at the moment. The server config is currently open to debate, if you think something should be changed, let me know!


Nobody likes rules, but Minecraft is best when we work together so please…

  • Don’t destroy what others have built. The server has lots of RAM so there should be enough space for everybody. If you’re struggling for space, explore a little!
  • Don’t steal resources. Don’t steal other people’s items.
  • Don’t destroy the environment. Don’t start fires or destroy areas of the environment outside of the immediate area you live in. Mining is obviously OK though!